Yamaha XMV4280-D
Yamaha XMV4280-D (Rear)

Yamaha XMV4280-D

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The XMV series provides innovative, new, patent pending circuit that improves the already highly efficient Class D circuit topology; bringing the efficiency level of the amplifier's output stage up to over 90%. This is achieved by automatically switching the circuit to match the corresponding output voltage. In high-impedance connections, both 70V and 100V operation can be achieved since the circuit is already capable of operating in high voltages. However, using the same circuit in low impedance operation can mean excessive energy loss, so by automatically switching to a lower voltage drive, efficiency is improved significantly without sacrificing crucial aspects of the amp's performance such as keeping the distortion levels to a minimum.


  • 4 x 280W @ 4Ω/
  • 2 x 560W @ Double Power Mode 4Ω/
  • 4 x 250W @ 40 Ω with 100V line
  • 4 x 250W @ 20 Ω with 70V line
  • Dante equipped connectivity for increased system versatility and AES67 support
  • Network port control via AMX/Crestron
  • Redundant functions with Backup Mode and Override Mode

Dimensions: 2RU(19"x16.6"x3.5")

Weight: 18lbs