Nexo Geo M1012
Nexo Geo M1012
Nexo Geo M1012 (Rear)

USED Nexo Geo M1012

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The extraordinary Geo M10 combines decades of expertise and patented technology to create a compact, powerful, and wide-bandwidth module that can be flown or stacked in any environment. GEO M10 partners a 1.4″ throat /  2.5″ titanium diaphragm HF driver with a single, Neodymium-magnet 10″ driver and delivers an unprecedented ratio of LF response to cabinet size, outperforming many larger, dual-driver designs. And with a maximum SPL of 136dB, GEO M10 is twice as powerful as its sister-system, the GEO M6, making it ideal for speech and music events with larger audiences. Measures 53 cm wide and 21kg in weight. Unit is in exceptional condition; only used for about a dozen events. White finishes are available as well.